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Heavy Duty - Our Specialty

Heavy Duty - Our Specialty

Robby's specializes in the Heavy Duty.

Heavy duty challenges like heavy duty Recovery, Towing, and Equipment Transport

Yet Light Duty work is easily done and welcomed too! The many lessons learned in HD work, give us an efficiency advantage that enables us to meet your lighter duty needs quickly, reliably, and more cost effectively.


HD Recovery — The Greatest Challenge

No matter how deep or entangled you truck and load, Robby's team knows how to Git'er Done! 

We are experts in Total Recovery Management.  We have quickly and successfully completed many of the toughest 'recovery' operations in the region. And a few quick successes where earned even after our competitors had previously tried for hours without success.

For comprehensive jobs we often provide:

  1. Manned traffic control,
  2. Dozers, excavators, dump trucks for accident site work such as:
    • creating temporary access roads,
    • berm-based load containment, 
    • final load removal,
    • site cleanup,
  3. Multiple heavy-duty wreckers for tractor and trailer uprighting and removal — sometimes even with load in place.
  4. Flat-bed trailer haulage
  5. Total incident managment

HD Towing & Transport, Light Duty Towing

For us, its all just a natural extension of our skills and experiences, as well as our comprehensive recovery and transport assets.   

Our Experience

Robby's has been in this business for over 30 years, initially operating in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and now for the last 6 yrs has been very active providing support services to the oil & gas industry and the gneral public in the Fort McMurray, Alberta region.  

Robby's has earned a reputation as diligent, dependable, and very competent Heavy Duty transport specialists.  We can honestly say we have successfully and often quickly completed many of the toughest 'recovery' operations in the region. And on some occassions, even after our competitors have been working the same job without success for hours.

Simply put -

If you want it done, and done right, call


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