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Heavy Duty - Our Specialty

Robby's Tractor Trailer Service specializes in the towing, recovery, and transport of heavy duty trucks, trailers, and equipment.

Robby's 40/50 Sliding Rotator

Experience & Skill Beyond Compare

Owned and managed by Robby Reid, Mary Lee Reid and sons Chris, Kyle, and Jeffrey, Robby's team has over 80 years of combined skill and expereince. Many times Robby's has successfully taken-over recovery jobs when other companies have continued to struggle for hours. Robby's has demonstrated to many emergency service personnel and others that 'We Do it Right', and usually in a safer, more reliable, and efficient manner. 

As with many quality businesses, Robby's Tractor Trailer Service Ltd started in the 80's from humble beginnings in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. In a have-not provinces, Robby's has long learned the lessons and benefits that come from working in challenging situations. Robby's strength comes from experience-based competence and continued diligence on each and every task, as well as their steadfast business integrity. Expert service on every job and for every customer is the end result. 

From the very start of our operations in Ft. McMurray in 2008, we quickly earned a strong, leading, and sustained reputation for our skills, our commitment, and our business integrity. 

Available Anytime

Based out of Fort McMurray, Alberta, we are available 24/7 x 365 to service all of your heavy duty, towing, recovery, and transport trucking needs.


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